Yes, we’re a party.
One that thrives on dance culture.
With a dance floor.
And people who dance to it.
But this dance culture is fluid, and so much more than that.

We believe in exploring dance culture beyond the borders of our own parties.
All beautiful, mind-blowing and weird assets of it.
From love to ecstasy.
Sweat to armpits.
Nerves to goosebumps.
And every feeling in between.

Connecting people through this culture.
Making strangers friends.
And making friends dance.

And like any culture.
It doesn’t only exist in the places you expect it to.
It exists wherever people want it to exist.
Wherever you want it to exist.

So, with an open mind, we aim to explore this phenomenon.
It’s not about finding ‘the true dance culture’ or finding the truth for that matter.
Because of the fluidity, there simply is none.
It’s about excitement of the unknown.
We constantly re-evaluate, adapt, and explore.
Just as our visitors.

Making friends dance.