By the Creek

It’s time to rediscover. After almost three years we’re back with By the Creek 2022! And because we have a lot of catching up to do, we’ve decided to provide you with not one but two days of discovering: Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July. Two whole days to befriend strangers and reconnect with old familiar faces. And all of this together with BASIS, Vunzige Deuntjes, Nachtcollege, No Diggity, Fiesta Macumba and us, ZeeZout. Move from one to the other and back and find whatever it is you’re looking for. Or don’t. The possibilities are endless.

ZeeZout at the Beach

Ticket sale starts Tuesday 17 May at 12pm.

Oh how we're looking forward to this one. It’s without a doubt that our ZeeZout at the Beach event at Woodstock is one of our favourites. The beachy vibes, bare feet, beer in our hand. The feeling of the sunny day turning into the night and dancing all day long with all our friends. Join us on July 17th for this 2022 at the beach gathering!

ZeeZout Festival

We are not back.

Nor is our well-known ZeeZout vibe.
Our skatepark.
Or our artists with their signature, razor-sharp sets.
Both first timers and old friends.

Our home base, Tuinen van West, is not back.
Neither are the five carefully curated stages.
Or the people who shamelessly dance on them.

Nerves, armpits and eye-contact are not back.
Love is not back.
You are not back.

And culture?
Culture is not back either.

Truth be told.
None of this is back…

It simply never left.

ZeeZout Festival 2022
We are not back.
We never left.