Dear friends,

Thank you for your patience and for giving us the time to figure this all out. We hope you, your friends and your family are all still safe and healthy.

The COVID19 outbreak led to the cancellation of many events, club shows and festival. The cultural sector is closed and the simple reality is that it can’t survive without its visitors. For us it meant cancelling Liberté Liberté.

As heart breaking as it is now, we are working hard to return in 2021. Same date, different year. Stronger and better than ever we hope. Right now we ask for your support. Keep your ticket and join us at Liberté Liberté 2021.

What to do to keep your ticket? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We will automatically convert your ticket into a 2021 ticket.

Why should I do absolutely nothing?

We are a small team working very hard year-round to create that well-know ZeeZout vibe over and over again. We organize our festivals because we want to create that dazzling vibe where you feel at your best, where you find love and create memories that last a life time.
We depend on many suppliers, freelancers, creatives and artists, all of who are deeply affected by the cancellation of our and many other events. You would support these creatives by keeping your ticket.

How can I do absolutely nothing?

Next Friday you will receive an email with the option to request a refund, which is possible until the 16th of April. But we strongly ask you to reconsider this and to keep your Liberté Liberté ticket.
You will help us get through the year. All we want is to keep creating beautiful dance floors where we can invite each and every one of you. So give us the chance to do this and #saveyourticket for Liberté Liberté 2021. Together you will #saveyourfestival!

Thank you once again for your support and understanding. You guys are what keeps us going and we can’t wait to see you all again, somewhere on the dance floor.
Stay home, stay healthy and stay positive. This will 100% make us stronger.


Team ZeeZout