Little Liberté

25 September 2021

UPDATE 15-09-21

Little Liberté - 25 September 2021 - Lofi Amsterdam - SOLD OUT

Liberté Liberté is not taking place in its original form due to the ongoing restrictions. The simple truth: we’ve sold too many tickets. Lofi is operating under a hospitality permit, which means we’ve to follow the unexplainable 75% rule. This is extremely frustrating and not at all the outcome we’ve hoped for. But we’ll once again try to make the best out of this situation.

This is why Liberté Liberté becomes Little Liberté for one day only!

What to expect? The same well-known ZeeZout vibes, just a little bit smaller than planned. Little Liberté is taking place inside Lofi’s industrial warehouse with a limited capacity on 25 September 2021. An intimate gathering with one indoor area, five artists and a bunch of lucky dancers.


LITTLE LIBERTÉ IS SOLD OUT To attend Little Liberté a new ticket is necessary. This means your original ticket is no longer valid for this event. All Liberté Liberté 2020 & 2021 tickets (Eventix & Ticketswap) have automatically been refunded. You can expect the money back into your account within two weeks.



Dam Swindle

Move D

Philou Louzolo

Suze Ijó


Check back soon!


Laatste update: 17 September 2021



All Liberté Liberté 2020 & 2021 tickets (Eventix & Ticketswap) have automatically been refunded on 15 September. You can expect the money back into your account within two weeks.


To attend Little Liberté a new ticket is necessary. This means your original ticket is no longer valid for the event.



Little Liberté is held at Lofi. The address is Basisweg 63, 1043 AN Amsterdam.


12.00 - 00.00


From Station Sloterdijk you can either walk or take an OV bike. Coming by car? There is limited parking (free) available, so make sure to arrive early to claim a spot. Don’t drink and drive, make sure you have a BOB or take a taxi home.


There are lockers available.


It's pin only at Lofi but there will be cash cards available for €20 or €50.


You can buy cigarettes at Lofi.


It's possible to buy hearing protection for €3.


There will be both meat and vegetarian options.


At Little Liberté we have a strict zero tolerance policy. This means that both soft and hard drugs are not permitted. Make sure to celebrate safe!


Do I need to get tested to get access to the festival?

Yes, it’s obligated by the Dutch government that you get tested at a Testing for Entry test location before visiting a festival. Only a negative test result or vaccination passport will give you access to the festival.

How does testing for access work?

We ask all our visitors to take a test at a maximum of 24 and minimum of 2 hours in advance to show you don’t have COVID-19. You can make an appointment yourself via Testing for Entry at When you receive your result, you can create a QR-code within the Corona Check app which will be scanned at the entrance of the festival.

When can I make an appointment to get tested?

Testing appointments can be scheduled from two weeks prior to the festival.

How long in advance do I need to get tested?

Your test result is valid for a maximum of 24 hours from the moment you get tested. Please keep this in mind for the time you expect to arrive at the festival. Below you can find a time schedule that shows you until what time you can enter the festival based on the day and time you were tested.

What if I arrive too late and the 40-hour time span has passed which makes my test result invalid?

When you arrive past the 24-hour result limit, your test result will be invalid and access to the festival will be denied. You’re responsible yourself to come on time before the time limit of your test result ends. So plan your time of testing and arrival at the festival carefully. Please keep in mind that it can be busy at the entrance during peak hours.

When will I receive the result of my test?

At Testing for Entry via you can schedule your testing appointment. At this point, they say you will receive your result after one hour. Please note: this can change, depending on how busy it is, so please keep an eye on the website if this changes. Also please be aware this is an external organization, and we are not responsible for the test results. If you don’t receive your result or have any other problems, please contact their customer service at or via 088-7770809 (Monday till Sunday 08:00 - 20:00).

What can I expect at the entrance of the festival?

Upon entering the festival site, your test result will be scanned via the QR-code in the Corona Check app. If you don’t have a smartphone, make sure your QR-code is printed out. At the same time we will do an ID check so make sure you have a valid ID with you. Until this time, we’ll also ask you to wear a face mask. Once you’ve showed your negative test result, you can take the face mask off and continue to ticket scan and visitation. From that moment on, there will be no additional COVID measurements.

Do I need to pay for a test myself?

No, testing for access is free at this point.

Do I need to get tested when I am already vaccinated?

At this point, the Dutch government has announced that a full vaccination passport will give you access to a festival as well per June 23rd. If you’re fully vaccinated, you still need to download the CoranaCheck app to create a QR-code which can be scanned at the entrance. For more up to date information, check

Can I get tested at the festival site?

No. We don’t have a testing location at the festival site.

Can I show a negative test result from a different organization?

No. Only results from tests scheduled through Testing for Entry will be accepted for entry. Go to to schedule your appointment.

I don’t have a smartphone, how can I show the QR code with test result at the entrance?

You will receive the test result per email. You can print your QR-code and bring it to the festival to get scanned.

Does my ticket need to be personalized?


I’m coming from abroad, can I get tested as well?

Yes, if you’re from abroud you can also plan your test at

What if there are (travel)restrictions in my country which prevent me from coming to the event? Am I entitled to a refund?

If anything changes regarding travel restrictions which prevent you from coming to the festival, please send us an email with all information. In that case we’ll look for a fitting solution and see if a refund is possible.

What if I test positive prior to the festival?

If you’re tested positive prior to the event, please send us an e-mail with a copy of your test result. You can either choose to request a refund or sell your ticket on Ticketswap.

What if my friend tests positive but I don’t? Can I get a refund?

No. If your result is negative, you can’t ask for a refund. If you don’t want to go without your friend, it’s best to sell your ticket on Ticketswap.

I have to go in quarantine because I came in touch with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. What now?

We can’t offer you a refund. In that case it’s best to sell your ticket through Ticketswap.

Can I sell my ticket on Ticketswap if I test positive?

Yes, that’s possible.

I don’t want to get tested. What to do now?

We follow the guidelines that are set by the government to organize the festival as safely as possible. If you decide not to get tested before the event, you will not be able to access the festival. We don’t offer a refund for the (down)payment you’ve made for your ticket. In the case you’ve made a 50% down payment, you can choose the finish the payment either way in order to receive your ticket and then sell it on Ticketswap.

Do I have to wear a face mask?

Until you are at the festival site, we ask you to follow all guidelines from our government. We ask all our visitors to wear a face mask when using our shuttle service and until you’re test result is scanned at the entrance. Once your negative test result is scanned, you can take it off.

Do I need to keep 1.5 meters distance from other people?

Until your negative test result is scanned, we still would like to ask you to keep your distance from other visitors. Once you’re through the gates, it’s no longer needed to keep distance.

What happens with my test data?

Your test data will not be saved by our organization in any way possible. You will remain in control of your test data.

Who is liable in the event of an infection during the festival?

Visiting the festival is at visitors’ own risk.


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