A campaign that gets you out of your head, into the moment.


Festivals are the most fun when you forget you’re at one. When you’re exactly where you need to be: in the moment. Yet, our memories often take us out of that moment. It’s in their nature to distract. They randomly pop into our heads. Unannounced, and often with an emotional layer attached to them. They make us feel loved, betrayed, guilty or ecstatic. Sometimes we even get to experience all of these emotions in a timespan of just 24 hours. So the trick is learning to let go of the memories. Let go of the thoughts. That’s where we get to experience the present as it is. Pure and unfiltered.

So for this summer, stay open and be present. Let go of your thoughts and take a seat as the observer. Out of your head, into the moment. 

Production company: Hittegolf Studio
Written by: Jesse Moes
Voice-over: Sabrina Miller