Fight climate change with ZeeZout and Regreener


ZeeZout recently joined Regreener, as ZeeZout wants to do its part in the fight against climate change.

If we (that’s me, you, your father, grandmother, supermarket, employer and government) have a neutral or positive carbon footprint, we reduce the total amount of CO2 in the air. By doing that, we prevent the earth’s temperature from going past an irreversible tipping point.

Through Regreener, ZeeZout compensates the (private and work-related) carbon footprints of its employees. These carbon footprints are compensated by planting trees (in Kenya and Mozambique), protecting rainforest (in Ecuador) and supporting certain certified green projects (such as wind farms and solar fields).

ZeeZout now offers visitors of its events the opportunity to donate an extra amount of which will be added to ZeeZout’s Regreener account. For every Euro we plant two trees. This way you can make sure that your visit at ZeeZout events is climate positive (meaning you compensate more carbon than you emit).

You can plant trees, protect rainforest and support green energy projects while visiting ZeeZout events!