Give away: custom earplugs by Earproof


To enjoy music long-term, that’s what Earproof is all about. To still hear the pure sounds coming out of speakers, while protecting your ears. Their mission: to save 10 million ears.

As ZeeZout we can not even describe the importance of taking care of your ears. Once your hearing is gone, it’s gone forever. Don’t let that beep, hum or whistle after a party become permanent.

So whatever festival you go to, please don’t forget to put in your earplugs! Not having a pair is certainly no excuse.

In case they are still missing from your festival essentials, please let us know! We are giving away 2 PAIRS OF CUSTOM MADE EARPLUGS FROM EARPROOF. Tell us on Instagram or Facebook why you need these and get a chance to win!

Winners will be selected on Monday with an invite to the fitting on Thursday June 22.