Important update regarding Liberté Liberté: LOCATION CHANGE


Dear friends,

We have an important update regarding Liberté Liberté 2023. Please read carefully.

Liberté Liberté is moving back to its previous location Lofi.The event will not take place at Donau this year.

Why? Well.. Our optimism got the best of us. Recharged and full of ideas, we were convinced that we could create a new and refreshing festival on Liberation Day. Now, a few months into 2023, we are confronted with reality. The pandemic and soaring inflation rates have brought unprecedented challenges to the event industry, but it has also prompted noticeable changes in people’s behaviour.

So the truth? We did not sell enough tickets. But even if we did, the cost of producing this festival would not have outweighed its revenue. Moving back to Lofi will mitigate these damages. But more importantly, moving back to Lofi will make Liberté Liberté a good event. And that is what matters most to us. To deliver memorable parties and make sure you have the best time.

So despite the unexpected change in plans, the show will go on. We are confident that returning to Lofi is the best decision for the event, and we can guarantee that this location will set the perfect atmosphere for Liberté Liberté.

Please note that this change of location does mean a small adjustment to the program, as there won’t be a Sissi’s stage this year. However, the good news is that the other three stages will remain intact and the announced artists of Steeg, Binnenplein and Garage will be joining us at Lofi’s warehouse and courtyard.

We have decided to reduce the ticket price to €45,-. Lofi is an event location and not a  festival site, this means that the production costs will be lower. All ticket holders have received an email and will receive an automatic refund for the price difference within two weeks*.

Please note that due to the change of location the capacity for Liberté Liberté this year is reduced. The final tickets for Liberté Liberté are now available in our ticketshop.

That being said, we are thrilled to kick-off festival season at Lofi. Thank you for your continued support and love. We hope to see you all 5 May at Liberté Liberté!

* Please note: this is the new ticket price excluding service fees.