Liberté Liberté 2023


Liberté Liberté 2023 – Donau, Amsterdam  – 05/05/2023


We invite you to listen.
But speak up if needed be.

You’re invited to dance.
But stand still for a collective belief. 

Because whilst we celebrate freedom,
There are people fighting to be free.

So on the 5th of May we do not only dance for ourselves.
But for all people who deserve to be who they wanna be.

New venue. New vibe. New everything.
Come as you are as Liberté Liberté has the honour of opening Amsterdam’s newest urban location Donau. Hidden in an old car garage on an industrial site, we host four areas, covering both the inside and outside space. An eclectic mix of lighthearted progressive trance fills the floors and playfully intertwines with accessible, warm house tunes. Our friends from Sissi’s host their own, energetic area.

From pop to rave. Open till closing.
Liberté Liberté has more than enough room to vibe.
You’re all invited.

Ticket sale for Liberté Liberté starts 15 February 12PM.

Soon to be announced.