Liberté Liberté 2024: Final info


On the 5th of May, we will celebrate. We celebrate breaking free from oppression, to be able to explore, inspire, and be inspired.

To ensure that you all feel confident to do so, this blog will inform you of everything you need to know about Liberté Liberté 2024.

Please be aware that this event is completely sold out. If your friends are still in need of tickets, tell them to only get their ticket via TicketSwap.

Doors open at 2PM and we will continue dancing until 11PM. Come early and stay late to enjoy this celebration of Liberation Day to the fullest. Find our timetable below.

Lofi can be found at Basisweg 63, 1043 AN, Amsterdam.

If possible, please come by bike. There is a place to put your bike aside right in front of the venue.

When using public transport: take the train/metro to station Sloterdijk. Lofi is a 15 minute walk from there.

Coming by car? There is limited parking (free) available, so make sure to arrive early to claim a spot. Don’t drink and drive, make sure you have a BOB or take a taxi home.


As we’ve all experienced the unpredictable April weather, we advise dressing for any type of weather on the 5th of May. However, we hope that the sun will keep on shining as it did in the past few days!

We expect the Courtyard to bless us with sunshine and a temperature of 17 degrees outdoors. Inside, Colorfloor will brighten our day.

Please keep in mind that temperatures may drop in the evening, so bringing layers of clothing is recommended. You can store them in a locker and access them as needed.

There are big and small lockers available which you can rent by scanning the QR code at the entrance.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of all visitors, artists and crew is our top priority at our events. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, please reach out to our awareness team, who will be walking around during the event. You can recognise them by their yellow AWARENESS TEAM print.

Lofi is a pin-only club. Cash payments are not accepted at the bar.

There is a variety of warm vegetarian food, snacks, and fruit available.

Cigarettes are not available for purchase inside or close to the venue.

During Liberté Liberté we do not only dance for ourselves, but for all people who deserve to be who they want to be. By getting a screen printed item of Oxfam Novib, you stand with those fighting to be free.

Get yourself a vintage t-shirt, tote bag, or bring your own empty canvas. Pick a slogan that speaks your mind and wear it proudly. All we ask you is to support Oxfam Novib in the fight against the oppression of freedom, and to donate what you love to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We will double all donations.