Liberté Liberté supports: Oxfam Novib


During Liberté Liberté we do not only dance for ourselves, but for all people who deserve to be who they want to be. Because whilst we celebrate freedom, there are people fighting to be free. For this reason, we support social causes that fight against inequality and the oppression of freedom.

Every year, we contribute to a charitable cause that fights against the oppression of freedom and inequality. Last year, we supported Woman Life Freedom. This year, we focus our help on the victims and all those affected in Gaza. We stand with Oxfam Novib as we demand a world that is sustainable, fair, safe and inclusive for everyone.

Please find their goals below:

An inclusive world
Oxfam Novib stands for equal opportunities and a society where everyone can freely express, organize, and unite, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color, age, religion, or abilities. 

A fair climate policy
Climate change deepens inequality, hitting those least responsible the hardest. Oxfam Novib stands with those fighting for climate justice, urging fair global policies with financial support from wealthy nations to vulnerable ones.

A safe world
In crises, the most vulnerable suffer most. Everyone deserves equal access to emergency aid. With partners, Oxfam Novib aims for a world free from disasters and conflicts, ensuring universal safety.

Unfair systems widen the rich-poor gap. Oxfam Novib is fighting with courageous people around the world to change those systems, advocating for a world with equal prosperity. With partners, they strive for an economy prioritizing well-being and sustainability.

Oxfam Novib stands with courageous individuals worldwide, who are fighting for a sustainable, fair, safe, and inclusive world for everyone. This year, we focus our help on the victims and all those affected in Gaza.

We kindly ask you to donate what you love to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We will double it.