Liberté Liberté: Tickets now on sale


And we’re off! Tickets for your Liberation Day at Liberté Liberté are now available. The energy of Miss Bashful x DBBD, DJ Sweet6teen, Doppelgang, Elias Mazian, Maara, Moody Mehran, Spray, and Twiena will completely fill up Lofi, so there’s only space for a limited number of dancers. Make sure you’re one of them.

With a ticket, we can welcome you on Sunday, May 5, at our safe haven, Lofi. Here we will dance, pause, listen, talk, hold on, and let go. Celebrating our freedom.


During Liberté Liberté we do not only dance for ourselves, but for all people who deserve to be who they want to be. Because whilst we celebrate freedom, there are people fighting to be free. For this reason, we support social causes that fight against inequality and the oppression of freedom.

Last year, we supported Woman Life Freedom. This year, we focus our help on the victims and all those affected in Gaza. We stand with Oxfam Novib as we demand a world that is sustainable, fair, safe and inclusive for everyone.

We kindly ask you to donate what you love. We will double it.