The timetable and last tickets for Liberté Liberté


We have received so many positive responses on the location change from Donau to Lofi and we can not thank you enough for your understanding. In only one week, we will celebrate freedom together at Liberté Liberté 2023!

Sunbeams shining on Courtyard. Electrifying beats pounding from Club. A combination of colors and hypnotic sounds attracting you onto the Colorfloor. 

When to be where? We are excited to share our timetable with you!

Rather wander around? Feel free to forget about the schedule and allow yourself to get surprised.


We are grateful for the love our return to Lofi has received. Tickets are almost sold out and we are delighted with the number of people looking forward to celebrating Liberation Day at this venue.

Given the appreciation for the honest communication about the location change, we again want to be transparent with you. So to be exact: we only have 200 tickets left for Liberté Liberté. Make sure one of them is yours.