An interview with our booker: Christiaan Broedelet


Are you also excited about this year’s lineup? We’d like to introduce you to the creative mind behind our program: Christiaan Broedelet, booker at ZeeZout. While Christiaan could talk for days about all the sets he’s looking forward to (like, literally for days), we’ve tried to summarize this for you in a short interview. Let yourself be guided by him through all the special things that ZeeZout Festival has to offer, and run around like this enthusiast between all the stages next Saturday:


“My idea with this year’s program was to follow the path that was laid last year. To continue building with artists we’ve invited more often but to also bring in plenty of fresh faces. All distinctive in sound yet very similar in energy. With this we’re trying to create a signature vibe at every stage.”


“There is much to look forward to this year, starting with Job Jobse & Sedef Adasi, who will be closing Hill. The two will play a back-to-back set on Dutch soil for the first time ever. Sedef captured our hearts with her stellar performance at WAS. last year, while Job has held a special place in our hearts for quite some time. With the precision of a skilled physician and the pace of a racehorse, they will work the crowd, climax after climax. And after their final blow, you’ll realise you’ve lost your voice, but gained a smile on your face that seems unlosable. 

Amsterdam-based Naone, originally from South Korea, will be performing alongside her longtime friend from Seoul DJ Fart in the Club. Having known each other for years, as Naone mentioned during last year’s festival, their blend of highly danceable and unique selections, combined with their personal history, made booking them prime time one of the easiest decisions this year.

Another highlight is the well-deserved peak time slot for Suze Ijó, sandwiched between ZeeZout veterans like Hunee and David Vunk & Skatebård. Apparently David is visiting Norway before the festival, which happens to be the homeland of Skatebård. We can trust these two to cook up something brilliant.”


“As mentioned earlier, we’re trying to create a signature vibe at every stage. Corner has something special. During the day natural light shines through the trees, creating an strangely appealing and inviting atmosphere. Our new light plan will ensure that we carry this same feeling into the evening hours as well.

I also can’t wait for the laser beams to hit our Tunnel during the final hours. This was absolutely insane last year. And this year, with Woody92 playing his fast mind-bending set while melting down genres along the way, it should turn into a mean cocktail. With the looks of an illegal rave and names such as Bored Lord and Danielle, we’re in for a treat.

I’m also very curious to hear what kind of vibe Tafkamp and Tammo Hesselink will bring to Lab this year. Technically, they rank among some of the best DJs our small country has to offer. They both thrive on taking bold risks, mixing tracks at high speed, and occasionally layering three or four records simultaneously. Considering their broad music taste, two things are certain: it’s going to be a DJ masterclass (and an absolute must-see for any techno fanatic), and their performance will infuse enough energy into Lab to make that tent shake to its very core.”


“A fresh addition to this year’s lineup, and one that’s definitely worth looking forward to, is Skin On Skin. With a performance so fierce and powerful, Skin On Skin lets any room explode with a simple snap in his fingers. But it’s not just his charisma behind the decks, in the end it’s his tracks that win hearts, making both the music critic and fanatic a fan.

I’m also very psyched to see X-Coast make his debut at ZeeZout. With his trancy party tech house tracks he basically forces the crowd to dance. Sharing the stage with some of the brightest househeads the world has to offer, I’m more than curious to hear what he’ll play!

But in the end, there is not a single name I’m not excited for. This makes being a booker both the worst and the best job. So, if you see someone running around between stages, it’s me!”