ZeeZout Festival: final info for this Saturday


Our long-awaited summer finale has arrived! A summer finale with summer weather. For now, we’re expecting sunshine and 22 degrees. The preparations are in full swing, so nothing is holding us back anymore.

ZeeZout Festival is almost sold out! Secure the final tickets here.

Hereby all the final info you need for this Saturday, make sure to read this carefully and reach out if you have any questions.


  • Doors open at 12PM. Come early and stay late!
  • ZeeZout Festival is a ‘Pin-Only’ event. Cash payments will not be accepted.
  • Protect your ears. Bring your own earplugs or get them at the Earproof stand near the entrance.

Check the timetable here and start planning your day.

Lost your ticket?
You can easily find your tickets here.

Weather forecast
After a very strange summer, we are more than happy with the expected weather: 22 degrees and sun!

  • You’re allowed to bring sunscreen, but no more than 100ml. Spray bottles are not allowed.
  • It cools down quickly at night. Don’t forget to bring some warm clothes!
  • Just in case: bring a rain jacket

Address & transport

ZeeZout Festival is held at Tuinen van West, navigate to Pieter Moeskopspad 20 and follow the signs “ZeeZout Festival”.

  • We recommend all visitors to come by bike as this is the most sustainable option. Last year, an impressive 70% of you did! Let’s strive for those numbers again.
  • There is a shuttle bus service that travels from Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Tuinen van West. Please buy a shuttle bus ticket in advance.
  • We strongly discourage travelling by car. If you still choose to come by car, you can navigate to Pieter Moeskopspad 20 and follow the signs “Parkeren bezoekers”. You need to buy a parking ticket. Don’t drink & drive.

Let’s keep the area clean, together

It’s our responsibility to keep the area as well as the neighbourhood around it clean.

  • We aim to give waste a new life as raw material. Find our 3 garbage cans on-site and toss your waste in the right one.
  • Your cup, bottle or can does not go in the trash, but you hand it in at the bar. You get a free recycle token at the entrance for your first drink.
  • The colorful ZeeZout Aspakkies are handed out for free. Clip the Aspakkie to your outfit and throw your cigarettes in there! When your Aspakkie is full, empty it into: General Waste.

We don’t sell cigarettes or vapes at ZeeZout Festival. Please be aware that smoking and vaping in tents is prohibited.

Social Safety
Ensuring the safety and well-being of all visitors, artists and crew is the top priority at our events. We kindly request that everybody attending ZeeZout Festival respect these nine rules.

Our Social Safety crew is available any time. They keep an eye on the festival grounds and you can reach them by their phone number which is visible on site. You can also contact us anytime via DM.

That being said, we’re back to preparing the ultimate day for you. Enjoy the excitement kicking in and we will see you on Saturday, somewhere on the dance floor.