ZeeZout Festival: Redeem your deposit ticket!


Please read this blog carefully if you have purchased one or more deposit tickets for ZeeZout Festival 2024. By choosing a deposit ticket, you have split the payment for your ticket into two parts. This means you are still €25 (excluding service fee) away from securing your spot on the dance floor.

Starting today, you can redeem your deposit ticket. Don’t forget to do this, and do it right away! Only fully redeemed tickets will grant you access to ZeeZout Festival 2024.

Please read the following steps carefully, as you can only redeem all tickets in your order once.

  1. Check your total number of purchased deposit tickets. You need to redeem them all at once!
  2. Go to your personal ticket shop. You can find this link in the e-mail we’ve send on Monday June 3rd.Important: this link is only valid once. It cannot be reused for a second order.
  3. Scroll to the bottom item in the shop and find the ‘Valid Entrance – Deposit Ticket 2/2’.
  4. Select the total number of deposit tickets you need to redeem and pay for them all at once.Want to buy additional regular tickets for your friends? You can! For just €53.95, you can add extra tickets to your order.
  5. After payment, you will receive a valid ticket in your mailbox.

    * Tickets can be redeemed until June 30.