ZeeZout Festival: Sustainability


We cannot wait to return to our favourite green grounds in the city of Amsterdam: Tuinen van West. Lets all keep in touch with our beautiful nature. Play your part in our sustainability plan!

You might know how it works by now after a full festival summer, but we are always happy to explain it again:

We would like to see waste given a new life as raw material! We have therefore provided 3 types of garbage cans on the festival grounds. All you have to do is throw your waste in the right bin!

In addition to the 3 trash cans, we also have a portable ashtray for you. The colorful ZeeZout Aspakkies are handed out for free. All you have to do is clip the Aspakkie to your outfit and throw your cigarettes in here! When your Aspakkie is full, empty it into: General Waste.

Are you not a cigarette smoker, but do you have a vape? We don’t want to see vapes on our ground either, this goes with General Waste as well!

If we all do our part, we will ensure that we can continue to dance on the same beautiful grounds for the years coming.