ZeeZout Festival: Talk & Chill


Alongside the joy of experiencing music together at ZeeZout Festival, it’s also a place to get to know each other better. A place to make new friends. To delve into each other’s interests and broaden our knowledge together on new topics. This year, we’ve set up the perfect space for this: our Talk & Chill.

At Talk & Chill there are no obligations. Feel free to discuss topics that are close to your heart or simply listen to subjects you’d like to learn more about. You, your story, and your privacy are at the core of Talk & Chill. Today, we’re proud to share with you the speakers of the diverse range of topics we have lined up for the day: 

    Collaborating with Extinction Rebellion, Sebastiaan van Nisselroy is dedicated to addressing climate change in a sometimes radical and provocative manner. Sebastiaan will discuss the importance of climate activism and what we can do ourselves.
    The human rights organization Nederland Wordt Beter (NLWB) raises awareness and provides education about the Dutch colonial and slavery past.Jerry King Luther Afriyie will deliver insights on the struggles, strategies, and current status of topics such as the Zwarte Piet is Racisme campaign, BLM protests, making Keti Koti a public holiday, and the Zwart Manifest.

    Thrive is an initiative of GGD Amsterdam, focusing on the mental health of people in Amsterdam. They will discuss the variations in mental health concerns and the experiences of individuals in the different districts of Amsterdam. This will be a positive conversation about coping with mental challenges and each person’s individual resilience and strength to improve their own well-being.

    As part of Jellinek, Unity attends festivals in the Netherlands to provide education on safe drug use. Unity will host a drug quiz at ZeeZout Festival, playfully presenting facts about drugs.

    Woman Life Freedom supports women in Iran and their struggle against an authoritarian regime. WLF will explain what you can do to support the women of Iran. Together with all those present, we will take action to show our support.

    Wouter works as a psychosomatic therapist, exploring the connection between the body and the mind. Wouter works with you to explore the connection between physical symptoms and your mental well-being.

    As a member of the charitable organization CASA Gambia, Fatou will speak about social development, community development, and sustainability in developing countries. We will discuss the specific impact this has on these communities and its implications for our world in general.

    Julian Neugebauer, like many others, found himself dwelling in temporary housing. The experience of not having a secure home base is undeniably stressful. To help with the issue of precarious housing, Julian became a member of the Bond Precaire Woonvormen (BPW). This group brings people together who are in similar uncertain housing situations.We will work together to define the concept of precarious housing, share our own experiences, and use BPW’s plan to address our own situations.

    Miriam is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner who assists individuals in establishing a natural connection between their mind and body, fostering a sense of wholeness and nourishment. We will engage in a discussion about your perception of health and delve into the transformative potential of Ayurveda.

    Bureau Clara Wichmann aims to improve the social and legal status of women in the Netherlands. They are advocates in combating all forms of gender discrimination, inequality, and stereotyping. Claudia Batstra will discuss how the position of women can be improved by influencing laws and regulations.

Explore our selection of speakers and immerse yourself on the festival grounds, surrounded by like-minded individuals. Drop by and relax whenever you feel like it. The full timetable will be shared soon!