This year we work together with Earproof, a valuable collaboration since you hopefull all know by now how important good hearing protection is. So please make sure to bring your hearing aid to the fesival or buy it at the Earproof stand so we can all go home happy and without hearing damage.

“The party is on. The volume is up. We’re all dancing and losing our minds. Standing in front of the stage, experiencing those sounds to the max. Feeling that vibration of sounds, boosting out of the speakers and flowing onto our bodies. Our ears are going nuts, enjoying the music.

But those loud sounds keep coming and coming. We dance the night away, while ignoring our ears, isn’t that true? On some level we know our ears are hurting as they are fragile. And we do nothing about it, because the music is just too good… It’s time to protect your ears.

Earproof’s goal is to provide everyone with good sounding earplugs. These earplugs are high quality and so you can still hear the pure sounds coming out of speakers, while protecting your ears. And this is for a great cause, your hearing! Once your hearing is gone, it’s gone forever, and it won’t come back. Once you hear a beep, hum or whistle after a party and then 24 hours a day, your daily life will be disturbed.”

– Earproof