ZeeZout x Woodstock69: 10 years


Trace our roots, which will lead you to the beach’s shores.
What a place to call our origin and the perfect spot to return to year after year!

It’s where we can disappear into the sand, feel the sun burning through, and feel the music pulsating.

Join us in:
10 years of friendship.
10 days of dancing together at the beach.
4 hours of Skin On Skin.

A party for you. A celebration for us.

9 June 2024. 5PM – 12AM.
ZeeZout at the Beach.
Skin On Skin. BELLA.
Woodstock69. Bloemendaal.

Our favourite beach spot is beloved, and tickets sell out quickly every year! So make sure you’re ready: April 11th. 12 o’clock sharp.