Paradigm x ZeeZout

3 February 2024

A daytime festival built on pillars of raw, sweaty, and unapologetic nightlife facets. Paradigm x ZeeZout makes its return to the Zeefgebouw on 3 February 2024. Walk past the misty windows of the old sugar factory into the steamy basement and discover all there is to discover. Expect a blend of fast paced trance, bass-heavy techno and deep funky sounds. Three stages, eleven artists, and dancers from all directions. This is our winter formula.

Tickets available 31 October at 12PM.



Job Jobse

Helena Hauff


Mor Elian

DJ Europarking




Match Box


Christian Thomas




Where can I buy tickets?

Get your tickets on October 31 on 12PM sharp via

What if the event gets sold out?

When the event is sold out, we recommend that you only buy tickets via TicketSwap. Only for tickets purchased through Eventix and TicketSwap we can guarantee that they are valid and that service can be provided.


Opening hours

The opening hours are from 2PM – 12AM. Come early and stay late!

Where is Paradigm x ZeeZout?

The event will take place at the Zeefgebouw in Groningen. The address is Suikerlaan 10, 9743 DA Groningen.

How old do I have to be to attend Paradigm x ZeeZout?

You have to be 18 years or older to attend Paradigm x ZeeZout.

How to get there

How do I get there by bicycle or by foot?

The address is Suikerlaan 10. Park your bike before you cross the pedestrian/cycle bridge, turn left, head towards the red stairs of het Zeefgebouw.

How do I get to the event by car?

The address is Suikerlaan 10. Enter the gate at the side where the Paradigm Main Stage is, round to the right, take the turn on your left and go until you see the Zeefgebouw. There is plenty of parking space for cars outside the building. Then walk to the red stairs of the Zeefgebouw.

How do I get to the event by public transport?

You can travel by train to Groningen central station. From there on there will be many bus options you can take to Paradigm x ZeeZout. We advise you to check the current travel advice via 9292.

Celebrate safe

Zero tolerance policy

At Paradigm x ZeeZout we have a strict zero tolerance policy. This means that both soft and hard drugs are not permitted. Make sure to celebrate safe!

Social Safety

Ensuring the safety and well-being of all visitors, artists and crew is our top priority. We kindly request that everybody attending Paradigm x ZeeZout respects our Social Safety House Rules.

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