With our mind set on better times ahead, the regular ticket sale for ZeeZout Festival 2021 starts Tuesday 02-02 at 11AM. Our ticket sale works a little bit differently than usual this year. We understand the uncertainty, possible money troubles, but also the enormous knaldrang (this just sounds better in Dutch) you might be facing right now. That’s why you only have to pay a deposit of 50% + €1,50,- service fee to claim your ticket.
After paying the deposit of 50% there are two options*:
1) The festival can take place; you’ll pay the outstanding ticket amount within 14 days after our announcement. The full ticket price is €45,- ex. service fee.
2) The festival cannot take place; you’ll receive the reimbursement of your deposit (ex. service fee) back into your account within 14 days.
Many of you saved their ticket. These tickets are still valid. Due to this, the ticket sale will go faster than usual this year. So gently, but urgent: act fast.
*A deposit won’t be reimbursed if the festival can take place. Check out our General Terms for the applicable conditions.